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We’re All About Making the Process Seamlessly Better

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 Why was it was created and how it works?

This solution was designed to fill multiple needs of a thriving and growing third-party administrator (TPA)/advisory practice. We were faced with an increasing number of proposal requests and needed to deliver them in hours not weeks. Once closed, the onboarding process was just as labor-intensive.

Our tool uses web-based technology to collect the needed information and track the prospect, obtain the census data, and design the plan, Data is stored and (if available) transmitted through APIs to create the corresponding records in our CRM.

Upon an alert that a request has been received, we can now prepare a branded presentation using predefined plan types and contribution allocations. The cloud app provides for eligibility specifications and computes for all entity types including self-employed individuals.

The standard presentation recognizes the tax rate of the entity in generating the comparison so the most efficient plan can be determined, explained to the prospect, and sold.

Once a prospect is a client, census data can be accessed from the annual data collection source through APIs or spreadsheet uploads and the same illustrations computed in a single process versus multiple ones. This allows the administrator to present multiple choices at the same time as a single option. Saving time and money.

Our times are changing rapidly, and with the PlanGen, we can now compete more effectively, operate more efficiently and Close the Case.

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